Friday, 21 November 2008

Congratulation Time HONDA

Bruno Senna and Lucas di Grassi, this week in Barcelona. However, the mark either test them again, on 9 to December 11, in Jerez de la Frontera, with the possibility of extending the following week, from 15 to December 17, the new track of Portimao. The idea is to test them in a position to hit zero, ie themselves to hit the car as the laps to provide trail.

Now the staff who directs the Honda is doing the right thing .... finally has someone with intelligence on Honda now I want to see these guys hit the car ..... just do not know ... and I do not believe they are faster that Barrichello, the only pilot Young fast Vetel think it's ... the rest of the young pilots is all the same ... making a comparison between all pilots older Barrichello wins easily available and ... the problem as I said before the engineers Honda's are not achieving a perfect harmony with Barrichello
The staff who commands that makes the connection between the engineers and Barriche this failing needs much more dialogue with Barrichello ... let free to speak what the defects of the car and go day to day testing and correcting is a long, hard work and You can achieve a lot with good as the Ferrari was Barrichelo and Stewart .... there will achieve progress ..... by a young driver like this is to go back and throw away an entire study so far is like starting from scratch and worse with pilots enexperientes just see the case of Nelsinho Piquet ... will not be igualse the Expert Alonso of Renault and off all the engineers working non-stop would not have harvested good results
I'm very honest in everything that Faso and talk ... like the same geito of Nelson Piquet, Massa, Barrichello, Lucas Senna ..... what I really like to see is a team work honestly and win no matter the driver is Brazilian or did not like the year 2008 to McLarenMercedes rooting against Hamilton and Ferrari .... I never offered my project for Ferrari not trust them so do not miss admimiro time as the Renault ... but do not trust the Briatore .... . .. the chief of Renaut yes ... but knew very little time to only 3 months but I have to feel it is an honest man
Finally I would like to see Honda to make sure I am the entire disposal to know that Formula 1 engineer for 40 years and I understand that and global marketing tip that I compare the tests and stay with Barrichello but hear everything that speaks Barrichelo forehead when the car require all the information possible .. his exploring potential diarimente second and the second will get a much better car ....

We asked who the team HONDA should climb in 2009, and
Rubens was 54% of the votes (2,285),
compared to 26% for Senninha (1112)
and 19% for Di Grassi (821).
Lionel de Campos Jorge