Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Singapore stopped to see Lewis Hamilton

The team has great mechanical VodafoneMcLarenMercedes men ... but also have some women who are a wonder ... which look cute with the pen in his mouth .... very charming .... all are important ... this is our tribute to this beautiful girl . . . .

Shopping at a beautiful event from Singapore wanted to see all of Hamilton close . . . .

Ranking puts 10 automotive brands among the 100 most valuable

The Best Global Brands survey is conducted by the consultancy firm Interbrand and Business Week magazine addresses the annual ranking of the one hundred most valuable global brands.

Among the 100 first elected, are 11 automotive manufacturers. In the first place (6th in the standings) is a Japanese Toyota. According to the survey, the brand has a value of $ 34,050 billion. In the previous edition appeared in the Nippon Foundation 6th position in the standings and also in the first between the automakers.

The second ranking is the mark of the German Mercedes-Benz. In the overall picture it appears as the 11th most valuable, listing at $ 25,577 billion. In 2007 the German company was in 10th place.

The third position was with another German brand. The BMW (13th overall) had its shield valued at $ 23,298 billion. With an assessment of $ 19,079 billion, the Honda appears in 4th place and 20th in the overall framework. The manufacturer has dropped one point compared to 2007.

The North American Ford occupies the 49th position in the general classification. The price of the logo was valued at U.S. $ 7896 billion.

Volkswagen, which was recently bought by Porsche, occupies the 53rd position (6th among the cars), valued at U.S. $ 7047 billion. His compatriot and irmã ", Audi, appears in 7th position and in the 67 th in the standings with a figure quoted at U.S. $ 5407 billion.

The Korean Hyundai is in 8th position (72 th in the general classification) with an assessment of $ 4846. The Porsche is in 9th position and in 75 th place in general, valued at $ 4603.

The Ferrari enters the 10th position among automotive (93 th overall), it was assessed at $ 3527. Last year the brand was not among the 100 chosen.

World shame FIA confirms punishment for Hamilton

If it were up to the FIA that staff who take unfair decisions compromising the truth in the world of Formula 1 the bleachers would thus
Charlie Whiting back behind said that he had not seen right I would ashamed to speak to the world that fans and sponsors from around the world see that
Mosley lost a great chance to do justice and show the world that is a correct person
I can only call on Lewis Hamilton who has quite calm that I had spoken earlier in the year .... We have already passed the age of 50 know that the justice of men is very fault and not suprise with these flaws in the pilot .. to be champions predict precisely 4 things 1) the failures of the team 2) the fault of you proprio 3) the flaws of the 4) car failures of the leaders of the FIA championship in 18 races of 10 takes such failures)

But as always say God is right now ... I think I have the design engineering that makes the car go faster .. trust as well turn it all into the category mess nobody respects anybody I just I will wait until the end of this season. .. then I will offer aviation industry for the coming year Boing, Aibus, NASA whatever ....