Saturday, 27 December 2008

Carlos Slim did not make the same mistakes of HONDA

Happy news .... it seems that calli Slim would have bought the Honda incompetence ... this is a great news ... but still .... Asher confirmed the bad side is that it would have been with Jeson buton and Senna ... ... and making the biggest mistake not to get Rubens Barrichello
It is logical that Barrichello buton which is much better and much better than Senna main .... now that the cars are very unstable .... and need to set an experienced pilot and knows that only three of the car is set Barrichello .. ..
Another defect maintain Berg Mr Nichi Fry ....... oh this is just .... hire Ross Braun still can not stay with this absurd salary ... that would reduce not worth it ... If not Carlos Slim do so will continue to spend 400 million for nothing without results .. as it was in the wrong time of HONDA Super administration by Niki Fray with the proper administration of Berg ... and maybe Barrichello and Senna was very IRIA A TEAM ONLY WITH FRUITS AND 150 million per year would give VERY MUCH BUT PROFITS .... and I'm Lionel de Campos Jorge offering 100% of my administration and provide engineering ... to make the team go email ... .

Thursday, 25 December 2008

These are my boys that are the most fun world cup

The Bernie always with great humor sent this card to all congratulation .. ... and this great opportunity to wish all the teams ... the heads of all mechanical, all the photographers, all the sponsors .. a nice Christmas and a 2009 full of emotions and racing beautifull .. ..
Lionel de Campos Jorge

Monday, 22 December 2008

Wishing you a Merry Chritmas

Look at that beautiful Christmas card sent me the Toyota team! ! ! thank you very much and wish everyone a great year 2009 as was the 2008 and congratulations to all the Toyota team, and appreciate your continued strong in Formula 1 with this wonderful red and white car with the colors of Japan, no doubt we will always support teams who struggle to remain in the competition and deserve all our support parabens the world thanks ! ! !

Dear Lionel,

Thank you for your Christmas card and kind wishes. From the PR team at Panasonic Toyota Racing, we wish you a very merry Christmas and the best of luck in 2009.

Kind regards,

Alastair Moffitt
Communications Coordinator
Toyota Motorsport GmbH

Toyota Motorsport GmbH
Toyota-Allee 7
D-50858 Koeln (Germany)
Amtsgericht Koeln, HRB 9846
Tax No. 22358190628
VAT No. DE 1234 71187
Managing Directors: Tadashi Yamashina, John Howett, Yoshiaki Kinoshita, Takahiko Ijichi, Tadashi Arashima, Thierry Boissel Dombreval, Hisayuki Inoue

Sunday, 21 December 2008

I appreciate the messages of confraternities that Bridgestone's BRAZIL and sent us to promote and capitalize on and also want to thank all of Directors and all employees a Merry Christmas and great 2009

Hi Lionel
We hope you've enjoyed taking the 'Inside Track' with Shell in 2008. Season's greetings from us all and we look forward to bringing you more motorsport insight in 2009.
And wish to thank all of Shell UK a Merry Christmas and a 2009 full of victories

Sunday, 14 December 2008

Congratulations to those guys who make a fine spectacle FIA-FOM-FOCA

Congratulation by new rules that make economy, always trying to find the best 'I just disagree with the rule of equal fuel, tires for all teams as it is seems that someone is taking advantage of FIA money to by exclusively only to Bridgestone, even the Pilots complain of a lack ninalisboa as Kimi was the very RENAULT the priscylla very impaired when he was forced to quit had a sensassional development for the suspension was hit when Alonso won 2 times ... and all that work was under water by then maybe the Bridgestone Brazilian treat me a little better competition was always healthy for all mundodesenvolver technology porisso have to have multiple suppliers for tires and fuel -
Now it was a good idea of Frank Williams for 3 cars per team that can be the logical ..... with Williams, McLaren, Toyota, Ferrari, Renault, Red Bull .... would be more jobs for mechanics and pilots and by talking in the best driver Rubens Barrichello set the car is there waiting for a vacancy and the fans would love to start hopefully already approved for 2009
Why do you standardize everything apart from stop to generate money and technology going to sound those CARRIAGES OF TAPES CIRCUS BATE AND CALLED BACK .... that are all the same right as ridiculous in Formula Indy ... not all the same or watch funny .. .. economy is not funny ... but the European Formula 1 has always been sophisticated and high technology and all this cost and who want patronicinar by name in his car to pay when the teams want that everybody knows and loves the game as always was that change would not impoverish the image of Formula 1 as said like a circus of clowns mambeme carts with electric beats and back ... you have to spend must have cutting-edge technology and by talking about my design technology that makes the car floor of 1% to 10% seconds faster still available to all teams ... and because of this crisis also below the price at vatagem to use for a year I am always available to those who uzar will lead to greater advantage and hugs to everyone Merry Christmas and Great 2009 Lionel de Campos Jorge email

Friday, 12 December 2008

Thanks to all the team of VodafoneMcLarenMercedes I Lionel Jorge Campos also since all desire to Ron Dennis and Lewis Hamilton until the job easier or the girl who serves coffee ... or are all important in that desire a great team Merry Christmas and all the excellent 2009 full of vibrant races and wins .....

Premio super important that we have full sponsorship from big Mercedes Bens -

And I eligibility one of the world's most beautiful couples congrtulations the two

Congratulations for the brilliant idea this would be my desire because after seeing everything in the world the only thing I really like to do is this trip and Hamilton chose super smart ... I want to go along immensely maybe a day I'm going congratulation by the brilliant very idea seize and then to show the photos and footage We impressos and this beautiful journey of Lionel Jorge Campos

Monday, 8 December 2008

This is approximately how much each team spent in 2008
Ferrari - US$ 414.900.000,00
BMW - US$ 366.800.000,00
McLaren - US$ 433.300.000,00
Toro Rosso - US$ 128.200.000,00
Renault - US$ 393.800.000,00
Red Bull - US$ 164.700.000,00
Williams - US$ 160.600,000,00
Toyota - US$ 445.600.000,00
Honda - US$ 398.100.000,00
Force India - US$ 121 850 000,00
Super Aguri - US$ 45 600 000,00
Congratulation mainly to WILLIANS $ 160 million and `TORO ROSSO THAT WITH ONLY $ 128 million have a beautiful championship and I am sure that fans around the world are praising only speaks in two teams and marketing rose quaking

It is logical that the greatest benefit will be the TOYOTA will be alone all marketing for Formula 1 goes to Toyota when someone anywhere in the world think of the Japanese people and in Formula 1 will only remember the Toyota ... TOYOTA put CONGRATULATION not be cowardly as well adiministrada to continue to show this beautiful car through the world

Friday, 5 December 2008

I have a large experience in Formula 1 40 years and Marketing and generally have a very good vision of things that happen and for a President or Director of Multinational is very difficult to have the vision that I have a President that has a lot to do and or do not have time to think ... He may ask a search ... but it is very hard to do a search with people with experience and marketing of more than 30 years ... so many teams listen to what I talk ....
TAKEO FUKUI - President

Lionel Jorge Campos I'm not in the HONDA ... if you know who paid nothing wrong wrong a lot of money that shareholders should know who was and never stop the team from Formula 1 to economy "yes" and has a long list to cut spending from US $ 400 million to US$ 150 million and continue in Formula 1 now who's wrong .... who needs to be sent away ...
Nick Fry - Chief Executive Officce HONDA Rancing F1 Team
Ross Brawn - Team Principal HONDA Racing F1 Team
Hiroshi Abe - President HONDA Racing Development, LTD
Jôrg Zander - Deputy Technical Director
Jacky Eeckelaert - Director of Advanced Research
Ron Mea Dows - Sporting Director
Loic Bigois - Head of Aerodynamics
Steve Clark - Head of Race & Test Engineering
Craig Wilson - Chief Engineer Vehicle
Jock Clear - Senior Race Engineer to Rubens Barrichello
Andrew Shovlin - Senior Race Engineer to Jenson Button
Second because my calculations in the coming years by HONDA leave the Formula 1 will have a prejudice that surpasses $ 500 billion ..... imagine a stand of the Automotive Hall of HONDA without the beautiful F1 car will be very .... unsightly .... and Honda will have to spend more money on marketing to sell cars and not enough economy to sack staff directors useless by a car in each of F1 Indoors and spend only $ 150 million ...
Now if the team spent in vain with high wages useless the President Takeo Fukui MONEY DID Release your SO He is also CULPA .... This is THINKING TO SHAREHOLDERS because the current adiministração showed that the world was just a huge event .. .. meaning we do not economy ... we will continue spending and close the Formula 1 team NEVER called fans PEOPLE TO BUY YOUR CAR .... I am proof of the case ... little more than 5 years I try to make the board see my project that makes the car go faster F1 .... First said at the time with Gil de Ferran NOTHING ... HONDA team's nobody I tried those 5 years with this site that is always disclosing NEVER been enteressados to develop the car think that only spend money for nothing in vain

It's only the board of shareholders of HONDA see who really needs to be sent away and subistituido lower the budget to $ 150 million to hire this man to Gerhard Berger and Berger lead the team to hire Barrichello hit the car and Senna wants better marketing that ... ... this would HONDA WIN CORRIDAS you would bill a lot in marketing and sales worldwide enormous prejuisos or if you stop ....

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Incredible as the possible shutdown of HONDA is repercurtindo NEGATIVE worldwide! ! !

Look advise the Presidency of HONDA think twice before confirming that measure tomorrow .... I understand a lot of worldwide marketing and repercurção of revolt that is causing worldwide is huge .... joined in multiple sites around the world and all are very angry with the presidency that will pass very bad as I had anticipated HONDA enough to make the world economy and continue know that the cars it produces are excellent and this crisis is temporary and that sponsors are trying for sure would be more than happy to sponsor HONDA by an excellent company that manufactures cars is a completely wrong as I said before do not need to win is just part and marketing is already done this right was a big mistake spend U.S. $ 440 million but it is very easy to correct this error is only spend only US $ 150 million and continue ... and the presidency has few hours to think eee go back and say that you get sponsors CONTINUES
and CAN STILL WIN BIG WITH ALL THIS stories and just talk INTENDS TO CLOSE ... BUT NO NEED SPONSORS AND WILL CONTINUE TO CUT THAT IS ALL THAT WILL WORK WITH SUPERFULO U.S. $ 150 million ... that the world will have pity on HONDA will buy cars and to help HONDA not stop the race because humans like to help like to see Do not give up the fight emprezas THE FIRST CRISIS everyone who likes to know that F1 is very difficult to make a winning car ... just to make a car that participates in the F1 is already a done estraordinário of ENGINEERING In my opinion it is very easy to solve this for who knows ... I also do not know now who can cause a disaster with huge loss of BILLIONS
And the championship will only start in 3 months has time to get sponsors have time to cut costs has time for the world stay with the penalty HONDA help now and if you do the opposite and finish everything tomorrow ... I pity the huge prejuíjos that this action will cause ... not say that I did not warn you ....

CALM .... Japanese are very precipitates. .

The team can not stop HONDA NEVER ....
The world is in crisis .... all teams in Formula 1 ... is not the HONDA ..... and not because they are in crisis ... will stop ....

1) my tip is to save instead of HONDA spend U.S. $ 450 million as this year is spent only how economy and spend $ 150 million .... NO NEED TO WIN .... It is only active World Cup

2)The Honda claims that sales in the U.S. fell 32% ..... is just starting to make small, economical cars that the Japanese are fantastiscos do better than everybody there sales will grow ... and any economist speaks the same thing ... the crisis of 1930 the Americans left super strengthened and became the largest economy in the world and that is what will happen ... especially now that the government will inject money into the economy to new loans from American cars and houses ... .. it is logical that will work -

3)I commend Frank Williams that remains always stop but never spoke in doing quite well the economy .. just to survive .... the Japanese economy must learn to do with what Frank Williams can not stop is the Honda can not stop

4)The FIA and FOCA should help increase cash prizes for the participation of teams that are in last place .... because these teams contribute to the very beautiful show that is a departure, or the entire race ... if these cars get past the grace of the race then decreases much everyone has a stake is not very important and why not disputão positions on the front that has no importance ... and has so much importance on the show in general ..

5)I will give a great example for the HONDA .... can not stop here in Brazil had the Automobile Fair last month to estande HONDA expos in the car's F1 HONDA, TOYOTA expos to his F1 car, BMW expos your car F1 is the stands were pretty logical that the buyer of these cars is proud to see that the manufacturer has a car Formula1 it heats very in sales worldwide complained that the FERRARI has not brought the car in F1 thought they were defy the Brazilian public
6)The HONDA calls that had no sponsors in 2007 and 2008 .... then arranges for 2009 onwards .. I'm sure that many entrepreneurs japonenes will help .... I am amazed to see the worldwide reaction against the team today when they reported that HONDA I wanted to stop for lack of money ..... the whole world knows that lack of money is that you do not know HONDA save and spend much for nothing .. no need to pay high salaries to the chiefs of staff and pilots need without spending much If you do economics and spend close to $ 150 million will remain sponsors .. I can even say that if every inhabitant of Japan to donate 1 U.S. dollars the team has money in 2009 ... but never stop by the buyers who are outraged and do not buy more cars in the world is far worse to stop the car stands in the Automotive Hall were beautiful now takes the car from the stand at the Honda F1 ... nobody hinders F1 takes the stand in anyone's TOYOTA estrava ah congratulations to Toyota still has a car for people to come in and took a picture and send to your home ... that's respect with the buyers .. I said the same thing to 2 TOYOTA years in which I could not stop not needed win was only part of TOYOTA and staff listened straight and remains that the world loves cars of Formula 1 but that has never stopped making economy ...
I'm sure that President and Directors will back this decision atráz super wrong ... will review salaries and to continue economy and a big hug for all the team HONDA
Lionel de Campos Jorge

Monday, 1 December 2008

Rubens Barrichelo of victory! ! ! A case to think . . . .

They were major drivers of the U.S., Europe, the world champion of kart, Shumacher, Lucas Di Gracci talk all the time who would win, Mass ... all wanting the first place in the "Challenge of the Stars"
The environment was very difficult since Friday because that race has no pilot commitment with the team as the year in the Formula 1 championship here only has 2 chances 2 batteries and the engines are equal and then finally exchanged is a race that HONESTA porisso Pilots like each pilot hit his Kart and does not show the adjustment to the adiversários .. win is super hard not to mention that the karts are like egg shell super frágril
1) Must be fast
2) that has hit the kart
3) is that drive with care and in the hillside for the entire quebar kart
4) has to know walking in the rain
5) is a super test for pilots perhaps the most comprehensive tests that the teams are to know who is the best I think this test more complete and more difficult
Rubens Barrichello AND WIN! ! ! He gave a show of piloting the audience cheering standing Shumacher also gave a show but missed and lost can not miss it does not calculate right overrunning lost two positions and missed Shumacher and DI grace that flowed from kart until another day is not that stopped shortly was shot near the master Rubinho Advisory staff of HONDA watch the video tape of the race and see when it started to rain the enormous advantage of Rubinho on the DI Grace and the other pilots

In Formula 1 is all very fast until the decisions must be taken quickly has little time only until the end of the year or beginning of next year and whether the Honda will make the wrong decision to go after you lose everything that has won so far 'll have to start from scratch with these young pilots I know that Formula 1 to more than 30 years when the Advisory Barrichello and outside it is the best of the three has the marketing side of the sale of cars from Honda ride if the public thinks the Barrichello better it is logical that helps in sales of passenger cars from Honda after all the Honda Formula 1 team not to leverage sales in the world and Brazil! ! ! as the Toyota Corolla to sell a Ferrari to sell Fiat so I just hope that Honda will take the right decision