Tuesday, 30 October 2012

.I love this series .. but I'm very sad that the Mclaren and Hamilton left the series ... was perhaps the most gosado .. but it also does not preclude making a drawing with Hamilton in the Mercedes would be very gosado

Hamilton Mclaren back to Ron Dennis will settle everything with his genius that goes missing (and I can not speak ..) abs Lionel de Campos Jorge

Sunday, 28 October 2012

Alonso during the India GP participates in disease prevention program in India

I always remember the passage up to congratulate the birthday to Bernie Eclestone Formula 1 which made a big deal where everyone wins Crew Countries where to go, riders, sponsors, and as a MAESTRO He governs everything in greater competence and talent, great Bernie Eclestone.

by Lionel de Campos George

Monday, 22 October 2012

More wonderful Episode McLaren was very good congratulations to the British creators managed to keep the humor and quality of Humor say it is very difficult to do and I think humor too.
But it is very sad not to see .... Hamilton Hamilton not resign myself to be coming out .. (with my experience I think I know why .. but I will not speak for you could do worse for McLaren and do not want it .. . know only to well the Hamilton Ron Dennis he thought it best to go to a team that already knew almost everyone and his career would be better ..... BUT IF IT WERE iN HAMILTON McLaren would ANYWAY even if it was worse for he account of the good times

by Lionel de Campos Jorge Jornalist

McLaren Tooned 8 | Lecture Circuit

Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Saturday, 13 October 2012

This would have been if the race had not taken unfairly Kimi Alonso Race

Raikkonen Funny Interview Japanese 2012 Qualifying HD - Suzuka

Almost every fortune that Kimi won until today was the FERRARI including World Champion thanks to FERRARI.

I think not cost anything to play his Lotus car a little bit to the left that had plenty of space for your wing ... not touch the rear tire of the FERRARI Alonso and cut all your rear tire cmpletamente Alonso taking the race ...

Kimi was super unfair not cost anything to go 5 with left think the FIA deverir put bumpers on cars in the Formula trazeira equal INDY RACERS unjust as to not undermine KIMI exelentes PILOTS as ALONSO doing almost losing the championship .. why would win the race and these points will be missed at the end ... thanks. KIMI shame category ...


A wonderful McLaren uses Pirelli tires