Thursday, 14 August 2008

Tyre compounds for remaining 2008 races
Europe (Valencia) – super-soft, soft
Belgium – medium, hard
Italy – medium, hard
Singapore – super-soft, soft
Japan – soft, medium
China – medium, hard
Brazil – soft, medium

GP EUROPA Valencia Saturday qualifying

Interesting tourist points in Valencia

Tamara Ecclestone always very beautiful

Team Preincipals McLaren Mercedes and drivers have a ,inuts silence in Plane crash
God have them in a good place to protect us all and always remembering that without God we are nothing
Every time I see this wonderful car ... imagine my project being implemented .... who knows ... maybe one day I when the Circus comes to Sao Paulo

Valencia track extremely difficult and Hamilton gave a show of pilotage


GP Europa race Sunday departure and arrival

Fine girls in costumes of pilots apresentation simpaticos very discreet and tasteful

That was too bad .... very happy to put men in the race .. vai vêr that was that expensive now for the flu ... I hope Hamilton never to see men in departure
Ferrari drew the experienced Jean Todt, to help . . . .
Hamilton with the boys fantastics the team VodaFoneMcLarenMercedes

Attention ! ! ! will connect the engines . . . .

Start perfect. . . even though Kubica is honest and not forced
Kimi was wrong. . . err is human but I already said that stop should be the worst thing for a pilot. . . Mass already missed. . . Hamilton and Kimi now. . . because it is very difficult to do everything right 320 per hour
While Hamilton made a fantastic race did not mistake

Congratulations Massa, Hamilton, Kubica . . . .and we are going to SPA

It said that Hamilton was quite a cold, cold ... had to take injections against pain before departure hardly competed ... ... the heat was immense ... still went very well mark precious points .... After all oque valley is the championship and not risk a race CONGRATULATIONS in the Hamilton and all of mechanical Team VodafoneMcLarenMercedes