Thursday, 19 January 2012

Shell invests $ 50 million in commercial
Film will be part of the recordings made in Rio de Janeiro Brazil

"In the film, Shell Helix will highlight its partnership with Ferrari," says Leila Prati, global director of marketing for Shell Helix

Shell will invest $ 50 million in a commercial for Shell Helix line of lubricants for passenger cars. The film begins shooting on Friday, 20, in Rio and also have recordings in the capital from Rio de Janeiro on Saturday, 21. After the country, Russia, India and China will be the location for other scenes of the commercial.

. "In the film Shell Helix will highlight its partnership with Ferrari - maximum of motoring passion - to be closer to that audience," anticipates Leila Prati, global marketing director of Shell Helix. The new campaign is directed to a consumer motivated to "make smart choices for your life." Seven Ferraris collectors are used in the filming taking place in Santa Teresa, in Flamengo Park and the waterfront. Shell is the technology partner of Ferrari for over 60 years. It develops and tests its lubricants with the company's cars in Formula 1. "This mutual work wins victories on and off the track and who benefits most is the final consumer who has a high-tech lubricant" he says.

The amount to be invested is part of the total U.S. $ 100 million that the advertiser global destination for marketing this year. Leila says that this investment includes spending on brand research and development, communication, advertising materials, among others. "Today the line Shell Helix is ​​a leading global brand recognition, according to research conducted by Synovate, and we want to maintain the level, giving priority to Brazil as a strategic market for Shell," he explains. The country is the second largest global market in sales of the brand, with 13% .

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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Very good! ! Congratulations to you all! !

By an organization, sponsors, drivers and teams journalist friends all very well done congratulations

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Welcome to the 2010 1:5 Touring Car Euros

The best of final ME Large Scale 1/5 F1 18.7.2010

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Wonder! ! !

Brazil is one of the richest countries of the moment one of the largest economies in the world. And do not stop growing and the rest of the world not to fall.
If you bet on Frank Williams Rubens Barrichello will hit in full by that sponsorship money will not be lacking to support Barrichello who is very loved in Brazil and represents the "BRAZILIAN NOT NEVER QUIT."
I never doubted that Barrichello was not running because I asked God and his Son Jesus, I always ask is honest and Barrichello will still win many Grand Prix

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Vettel hopes Barrichello keeps Williams seat