Saturday, 31 May 2008

I should like of deliver a cake. ........or of be in that moment to give a big I hug ,,,,,,,,, but the best present You profited with the victorious of Hamilton em Monaco.........

This video that's a honor my & from the mechanicals from staff ,,,,,,, why but also they seem the mechanical sthe uniform is about equal from VodaFoneMcLarenMercedes

Finally this beautiful woman musical of the Steve Wonder , & covet a good many years ahead from VodaFoneMcLarenMercedes & deliver only one tip on GM American only they accept President if you have 70 years into the minimum......... 60 years is much young no they are willing because only achieved experienced , after 70 years & with You young such of this manner we shall have a good many , a good many years of happiness the front from VodaFoneMcLarenMercedes , in that moment all they profit. the staff , the inciting , & the auto race congratulations at referring to a birthday & by your optimism I work

Wednesday, 28 May 2008

Moments a good deal essentials ago from start of the GP of Monaco

I am willing deliver the congratulations on the all photograph for they did those beautiful woman photographs & express gratitude & disclose yours saites. if not they might be hes I no could express my opinion on Formula 1

Just as well what Hamilton she topped the hearings & no hear the reflections on Spain , on Italy , on France , on Germani,part from England , & into the Brazil & solving only act a part the one to knows best race. . . ..

Vip the Red Bull
I should like of knowing where those what they twist opposed the Hamilton , sort into files this stripe after from race.
Donald Mckenzie CVC

I would rather Bernie. .......but if not no wonder....... Prost that's a opson.......
Ron Dennis always attentive at every the data , moments ago from race.. . .
President John Howett and Team Principal Tadashi Yamashima , kindnesses on the those men we've the pleasure of to see those beautiful cars red & white on the races. . . .

Race super difficult. . . ..

Hamilton is educated...... what right after profit ......., he asked excuses on the staff put têr wrought superficially , even without fill she swims on rain into the beginning from race , it stands to reason that doesn't she needed request excuses , but Hamilton it's too much educated & he asked , congratulations. . .. . .

While the another they slammed , they slid to stay I eat crazies. Hamilton she ran perfectly , without commit neither I mistake
Congratulations on the all mecanicos from McLaren & from Mercedes what they worked 100% certain , no they committed neither I mistake , have been perfect congratulations on the all......

After one race super difficult ....... she profits what she commits less errors...... I eat it was the I wed from eqipe McLarenMercedes.........congratulations
That`s a bird?
That's a aircraft ? ? ?
That`s Super Man ? ? ? Isn't the Super Lewis Hamilton. . . . .

Look out this beautiful photo of the Adrivo , this shoal of photograph & detail into the telão...... Hamilton hugging Ron Dennis...... wonderfull ! ! !

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

This wink is dificil of describing the enormous emotion than I do I felt.

Was a mixture of many emotions , many happinesses at the same moment Happiness in to see Hamilton profit 1 place ..... recover the tip of the championship ..... & profit em Monaco ! ! ! Happiness in to see the happiness of Ron Dennis ! ! !
I WHAT AS MANY I FOUGHT PUT THIS WINK..... To see the work of this great guy Ron Dennis what ago a job sensational , diamond , on staff McLarenMercedes win align with this diamond pilot Lewis Hamilton . . . . Happiness my & emotion in to see Hamilton cuddle 2 turns Ron Dennis , wanting say thank you on the Ron Dennis & all staff McLarenMercedes at exelente car . . . . . .After all believes with certainty if Ron Dennis , he might have way out We did not they should be this enormous please in to see All staff VodaFoneMcLarenMercedes profit......... he should place I fought as many wherefore to stay..... congratulations on the whoever we keep this diamond staff of the manner what is........ & let's go about to the Canadian.