Thursday, 21 May 2009

Fernando Alonso coming in Monaco which was elected by us as the spokesman of the pilots to be intelligent, gentle, and considered the best driver today, and most beloved around the world, and his statements very important worth millions for Formula 1 and its major sponsors

Now who is more delicious to enjoy the beauty of the Renault car going down or the beautiful woman ... hard question .. SO ARE THE PEOPLE WITH THE TWO ..

Look at that super interesting details of the Renault car and your sponsor is very logical

Nelson Angelo Piquet giving autographs for a huge amount of fans ...I have a special affection for Nelson adimirar by his Father and Nelson have provided an experience that is spent and anointing in the world .. He went to his car for Formula 1 to 300 per hour and I was the head of the 30 cm distance him and that was 4 times. in the Renault Rialite Show in Sao Paulo .. I think nobody has this in the world today ..

Jarno Trulli - Toyota

Wonderful detail of the highest technology of the Toyota car

Timo Glock - Toyota

Pascal Vasselon and Jarno Trulli - Toyota

Mechanical mounting consentrado super beautiful car of the Toyota ...

Shell in GP Monaco

Welcome to the Inside Track

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Monte Carlo - Monaco Race Briefing

Mark ‘Charlie’ Farley here, Shell Trackside Analyst. Welcome to Principality of Monaco, a small state that hosts one of the most prestigious Formula One races in the world. This year is my seventh time here and I must admit that I am really thrilled to be back again.
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Bridgestone in GP Monaco

Q&A with Hirohide Hamashima - Bridgestone Director of Motorsport Tyre Development
What was significant about today's running?
"Today was a challenge for all the drivers as the grip level in Monaco is very difficult to learn, and any mistakes are punished by the barriers. There are significant sections of resurfacing, however the new surface is very smooth, just as the older sections of track are, so there is not a significant difference between the two from a tyre performance perspective. As a first day at Monaco, we saw the lap times fall dramatically over the course of the day as the track cleared and the rubber was put down. It was a good day in terms of gaining data as the weather was fine and the running was not interrupted. However, we will not see any F1 running here tomorrow, so it will be interesting to see how the track surface changes for Saturday."
How do you expect this allocation to work over the weekend?
"Even though these are our softest tyres, drivers will struggle for grip here due to the unique slippery nature of this track. Despite this, we saw very good displays from the drivers today with some exceptional car control, as we would expect of the best drivers in the world. The super soft tyre was faster than the soft tyre, as we expected. The difference between the two tyres today was around 0.4 seconds over the fastest lap. Both tyres delivered their fastest lap on the first or second flying lap, and neither tyre suffers greatly in terms of wear or degradation because of the low grip here."