Thursday, 25 September 2008

I am good at marketing .... then go to the Marketing and curiosities in this thursday Singapure

After massive complaints from pilots and all mídea newspapers and magazines .. the FIA said that the knob concerted walked the runway .....

Charlie Whiting .....looked..... looked ... ... .... he looked drawn some obstacles ... but can not extend the entry of pitlaine ! ! !
I think the measures have not been enough .... I think there was incompetence ... let's not to twist accidents occur . . . .

JOHNNIE WALKER It is in Singapore and has shown us the big sponsor of MCLARENMERCEDES
Beautiful paddock
Ron Dennis always very mindful of everything that occurs so it is the Master of Formula1
Look how close that part of the track on the bridge ... imagine a formula1 going to more than 200 per hour to be very good is why I admire and respect all pilots
Look at the marketing ! ! ! Nico doing propaganda of a clock ... ... I love marketing ten hundred ideas for Formula 1

Rubinho Barrichello with his wife Silvana walking through the runway of Singapore ... If you depend on to run at night with rain and Rubens has already won .... runs every year in order to Homestead Vienna in Sao Paulo the 24 hours beginning midnight 24h ... and ends 12 noon and he wins every year! ! !
Look at that nice marketing of Lewis Hamilton

Vetel knowing the food in Singapore

Because twist to Hamilton and not for Massa

This is the right time for me to answer because I definitely torço to Hamilton .... get over 300 emails a day and charging that they are now virtually tied because I say .... 7 years were cheering for Rubens Barichello ... .. and Ferrari do not let Rubens win! ! ! finish at Interlagos in gasoline was too was beginning of the year and Rubens would shoot in front of Michael Shumasser ......
Rubens set the car on Friday and Saturday ... and was obliged to give the car for Michael ..... Michael had 4 cars available to him to reserve the car of his reserve of Rubens Rubens and there is easy ... be champion
By Ron Dennis asked me once why not offered for Ferrari my project that makes the car go faster ... I said I did not see Michael endure more win ... and is selling for Ferrari Rubens would not only benefit if Michael .... porisso would like to see someone win the Ferrari and McLaren was the right one and because I liked the administration of Ron Dennis will be over 30 years
I love the boy Felipe .... polite, fast, success not risen to the head ... I am Brazilian but I am descended from French, English and Italian Ferrari and maybe he will support only because Kimi has no more chances to the contrary ever ... Felipe would win .... is the strength of the sponsors Kimi wins 70 million to 7 million Felipe ai the sponsors want to see your driver .... finally win the Ferrari is not wrong .... but we suffered a lot from Rubens .. patience is over with Ferrari the .... although it always admire the beautiful red cars after all I decendente of Italians too ......

Now the McLaren We always treated very well ... since Emerson Fittipaldi after Airton Senna ... even when they fought with Senna left the McLaren in 1993 because the car does not walk well ... You're being unfair spoke with Ron Dennis ... the car is better .... and he did not hear anyone and went to Williams in 1994 and died ... if it had stayed at McLaren this had not happened .... but finally always had the greatest affection with the English team after all I am also descended from English .......

In Spa, the whole mess just because Hamilton, on the track, did what is expected of any pilot competitive: it was behind the victory at any cost, even risking your neck and you were guaranteed second place. And the lust it claimed important points in the World. A decision on controversial Sports Commissioners of proof, but that once had an outcome, the FIA's refusal to accept the appeal by McLaren, turned to the past rapaz.Nem remember more of what happened and the tax harmed

Hamilton lived in a very short time situations that some pilots take many years to face in their careers. Once the first season, fought for the title, desentendeu with the partner bicampeão, unbelievable made mistakes and lost the cup by one point. He wants to win anyway ... Ambition that many pilots had left too early ... Hamilton shaken the Formula 1 is the best driver today ..

Now we know last year this incredible driver Lewis Hamilton ... SUPER GENTIL, gentle, and ..... VERY FAST it was easy to twist the McLaren ... and continue this year .... as I am not just prestige Hamilton ago will continue until the end of the year ... Felipe might even win ... but we will twist for Hamilton until the end ... not by Felipe .... but against Ferrari and also because a dream day to do business with McLaren on our project ... a big hug to everyone and that the two teams Ferrari e McLaren ....wins the best ... ... (But let's twist to Hamilton) Lionel