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Our eternal Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly


Grace Kelly was born into a Catholic family of Irish descent, on November 12, 1929, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
After having participated in the American expeditionary force in France in 1917 and have been Olympic rowing champion twice in the early 1920s, his father made his fortune with a construction company. Her mother, beautiful and cultured, deliberately chose to privilege the home after being one of the busiest debutantes. Both endowed with great charisma and energy, raised their four children with affection and attention, but with strict moral principles, with an entrepreneurial spirit, effort and responsibility, while protecting them from the climate of social difficulties of the Great Depression
Grace, their second daughter, was sweet, sensitive and introverted.
In adolescence, their dreamy and poetic nature came from his uncle George Kelly, a renowned man of letters who was awarded the prestigious Pulitzer Prize.
In late 1940, Grace attended the American Academy of Dramatic Arts in New York and took the life of an apprentice actor took a good family, living in boarding school for young, single and working as a dummy to pay for their studies. Quickly, he began participating in theater and drama of live broadcasts for television, which was then booming. Her talent, her beauty, charm and professionalism attracted the attention of Hollywood talent scouts.
Thus, from Noon (High Noon) in 1952, where Grace worked with the actor Gary Cooper, his career has accelerated in a stunning way.
Hired by MGM, but required by other studios, which generated conflicts, she has shown a rare determination to become the actress best media 1954, winning the Oscar for love is to suffer.
However, it was Alfred Hitchcock who made it into the final round of legendary superstars when he gave three main roles: in Dial M for Murder (1954), Rear Window (1954) and To Catch a Thief (1955). It was during filming of the latter that she met the Principality of Monaco.
She embodied the feminine ideal of the master of suspense, with whom he developed an unshakable friendship.
Despite inevitable romances invented by the press with prestigious partners such as Clark Gable, Cary Grant and William Holden, his private life remained discreetly.
Its main affair was none other than the famous couturier Oleg Cassini, despite the reluctance of their parents about a brilliant man, certainly, but that was not Catholic and already divorced.
At the Cannes Film Festival 1955, his meeting with Prince Rainier III during a visit to the Palace of Monaco, organized by the magazine Paris Match, has radically changed his destiny.
After a visit of Prince Kelly family during Christmas, the announcement of the engagement triggered an avalanche in the media, taking an even greater extent on what was called "the wedding of the century" on April 19, 1956.
By renouncing the film, dedicating themselves to their children Caroline (1957), Albert II (1958) and Stephanie (1965), dividing the tasks and responsibilities with her husband, Prince Rainier, and devoting himself tirelessly to the service of the Principality of Monaco and , Princess Grace has performed its role perfectly with the European royal families, in the social, environmental, cultural and international environments.
His nobility of character and his charisma brought an aura of glamor that fascinated the media and reflected on the prestige of the Principality.
It is worth emphasizing the importance of work that developed in the social, environmental and cultural rights, giving a brilliance unmatched Monaco.
On September 14, 1982, at age 52, Princess Grace was killed as a result of a car accident.