Saturday, 31 May 2008

I should like of deliver a cake. ........or of be in that moment to give a big I hug ,,,,,,,,, but the best present You profited with the victorious of Hamilton em Monaco.........

This video that's a honor my & from the mechanicals from staff ,,,,,,, why but also they seem the mechanical sthe uniform is about equal from VodaFoneMcLarenMercedes

Finally this beautiful woman musical of the Steve Wonder , & covet a good many years ahead from VodaFoneMcLarenMercedes & deliver only one tip on GM American only they accept President if you have 70 years into the minimum......... 60 years is much young no they are willing because only achieved experienced , after 70 years & with You young such of this manner we shall have a good many , a good many years of happiness the front from VodaFoneMcLarenMercedes , in that moment all they profit. the staff , the inciting , & the auto race congratulations at referring to a birthday & by your optimism I work