Friday, 21 November 2008

Congratulation Time HONDA

Bruno Senna and Lucas di Grassi, this week in Barcelona. However, the mark either test them again, on 9 to December 11, in Jerez de la Frontera, with the possibility of extending the following week, from 15 to December 17, the new track of Portimao. The idea is to test them in a position to hit zero, ie themselves to hit the car as the laps to provide trail.

Now the staff who directs the Honda is doing the right thing .... finally has someone with intelligence on Honda now I want to see these guys hit the car ..... just do not know ... and I do not believe they are faster that Barrichello, the only pilot Young fast Vetel think it's ... the rest of the young pilots is all the same ... making a comparison between all pilots older Barrichello wins easily available and ... the problem as I said before the engineers Honda's are not achieving a perfect harmony with Barrichello
The staff who commands that makes the connection between the engineers and Barriche this failing needs much more dialogue with Barrichello ... let free to speak what the defects of the car and go day to day testing and correcting is a long, hard work and You can achieve a lot with good as the Ferrari was Barrichelo and Stewart .... there will achieve progress ..... by a young driver like this is to go back and throw away an entire study so far is like starting from scratch and worse with pilots enexperientes just see the case of Nelsinho Piquet ... will not be igualse the Expert Alonso of Renault and off all the engineers working non-stop would not have harvested good results
I'm very honest in everything that Faso and talk ... like the same geito of Nelson Piquet, Massa, Barrichello, Lucas Senna ..... what I really like to see is a team work honestly and win no matter the driver is Brazilian or did not like the year 2008 to McLarenMercedes rooting against Hamilton and Ferrari .... I never offered my project for Ferrari not trust them so do not miss admimiro time as the Renault ... but do not trust the Briatore .... . .. the chief of Renaut yes ... but knew very little time to only 3 months but I have to feel it is an honest man
Finally I would like to see Honda to make sure I am the entire disposal to know that Formula 1 engineer for 40 years and I understand that and global marketing tip that I compare the tests and stay with Barrichello but hear everything that speaks Barrichelo forehead when the car require all the information possible .. his exploring potential diarimente second and the second will get a much better car ....

We asked who the team HONDA should climb in 2009, and
Rubens was 54% of the votes (2,285),
compared to 26% for Senninha (1112)
and 19% for Di Grassi (821).
Lionel de Campos Jorge

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Voicemail base for Honda

The Honda is making one of the biggest mistakes of his life to let go .... Barrichelo a pilot with the experience he does not think anywhere
1)It is super fast
2)EXPERIENCE has a super account that much after all .. who did not want to run 2009,2010,2011 Michael Shumacher ..... because of the experience .... young pilot did not know anything
3)Rubinho hit the car ... you know who you think they hit the car of Shumacher ... the problem is that you do not listen to what Honda Rubinho spoke .. You like all Japanese people want the thing super fast ... and put any money in the world thinking they will hit the car ... or want a super exchange for a pilot who can not do anything
4)The Toyota is the same thing puts a lot of money and want to reap short-term results .... is not no way to Ferrari this for many years managed to assemble a super team in a season of Michael completed the other not worth separate .. Ros Brawm nothing has experience ... but I do not think that alone worth so much money .. ese Braw was not really good Barrichello let go ...
5) It porisso that compliment the McLarenMercedes ..... at the beginning of 2008 would make the biggest boob to scare away ... Ron Dennis said that there were wrong and Directors of Mercedes decided to go back and keep Ron Dennis was the salvation of the team because Ron Dennis is the best chief of staff today and has no substitute ... and together we will continue winning 2009 champion McLarenMercedes easy .....
6)And Ferrari will continue missing and losing the only Toyota and Honda is missing the technological development both teams have money but I do not listen ... I have the project that makes the car go faster ... but I hear there are going to take years to get the wins
7)Will only receive the return on marketing that helps in the sale of cars worldwide Honda and Toyota the world loves to buy Honda and Toyota cars and loves to see the cars on track even if you do not win ... and can not ever stop to dispute
8) Rubinho is half donkey contracts is wrong and wrong at the time ... example should have accepted the offer of Ron Dennis in 1994 to be a pilot test .. aguns after years would be primary and win at least one 2 championships and went wrong at the time the Ferrari had won if he had stayed at least a 2 championships And do not listen to my project that makes the car go faster ... company proposed to register for the Honda sold there and won races and sure to run ... but Rubinho has no time for me .... but his chance .. Honda is not enchergar the talent of Barichello remains perhaps the Red Bull and Toro Rosso .... why Berg knows everything and will start to win and it would be very nice to have a super pilot experienced as Barrichelo .

Sunday, 9 November 2008


FIA announced that the issue of commissioners will suffer some changes next season.
1) A new replay system will be deployed to ensure that decisions are taken during the race and not after ..... congratulation
2) The process of selection of commissioners will become more rigorous and more transparent performance from them ......congratulation
3) Every pelalty there will be a written explanation on the website of the FIA and F-1, and also a video sharing and to help justify the argument..... congratulation
4) Will be allowed only a local commissioner of the Country where the event occurs, the other two must be international ...congratulation
It was exactly what I was asking Lionel ..... now the public around the world will know the real reasons for the penalties and who will take the decisions it is for all sponsors, teams, drivers, and fans around the world .. . .... congratulations to the FIA are seeing when you do the right thing .... I commend thousand times congratulation for the mistakes of rapid concert season of 2008

Friday, 7 November 2008

Clarifying doubts for Hamilton and his Father

I would like to clarify a few facts for 2 reasons :

1)I am Brazilian and I know how the Brazilians think ...
2) I have great admiration for Hamilton and McLaren and Ron Dennis and Father of Hamilton and I do not want to have wrong opinions
I had the honor to be invited to the festival's Johnnie Walker as I was also invited last year as you can see in the photos that have not just put on the site
In this festival were present 99.99% of people love Lewis Hamilton and Hamilton twisted to win, but reporters were also 2 ..... comedians who do not understand anything about Formula1 for ...... You have an idea ... here in Brazil because nobody likes them .. ... celebrations go on and nobody leaves come ... then they're in the door at the entrance of the party enjoying everyone ..... working on a TV channel with a few small budgets and resolved do this kind of comedy cozando of all world
No doubt next year will not let ... but explaining the black cat here in Brazil is synonymous with bad luck .. if the person is walking on the street and pass a black cat that meant that the person was going to have bad luck that day ...... but that was before .... to more than 50 years ago today ... .. no one else believes that being a black cat and the staff picks up looks like any other
And explaining to the Father of Hamilton has no racist connotation here in Brazil ... because the majority is either black has nothing to do at that time believed that anyone White, yellow, black make it in front of a black cat would have bad luck ... as a cat could be white or brown ..... .... then gave the shirt of Vasco who is vice always wins ... and then never wanted to give a DVD (untrue that does not exist) with Rubens Barrichello on the front page crying ... saying that the DVD Rubinho teaches how ..... You lose a race as they enjoy the world do not respect anyone Rubinho They enjoy the whole week ... and theFelipe Massa when you lose a race. ... or any person black, white or yellow
Now I can guarantee one thing ... I have recorded that everyone who was present in the party was against this dime-store joke all were weak against those two comedians who can not make a humorous and intelligent ... They were dying of shame I never saw them two with so much shame I think if they could return atraz would not have done this farce of the black cat .... the shirt of the soccer team that is only the DVD and vice Barrichello was the most intelligent UK but ... and nobody liked
As I said everyone wanted to wish good luck to Hamilton and had the great pleasure to have been invited were all people who twists the whole year by Hamilton and had the great pleasure to see him live I always hope this party all year round because the place is small and looks like a living room is as if inviting Hamilton to chat a bit with Nós. .... and those two fools humorists left with almost everything good that was the end of the party but on behalf of all who were I apologize to the person there Hamilton and his father and promised that the coming year do not come