Monday, 5 October 2009

Welcome in São Paulo GP

Av May 23 linking the center of Sao Paulo Congonhas Airport -
Ibirapuera Park enlightened Night where all lighting was sponsored by a private firm called Group Pão de Açucar.
Aerial View of Ibirapuera Park in downtown Sao Paulo

Museun of Ipiranga in São Paulo.
Center of Sao Paulo many buildings is the 4th largest city in the world only atraz New York, Tokyo and Mexico City

Cable-Stayed Bridge magnificent piece of engineering -

Congonhas Airport
Brazil has many beautiful beaches and a pleasant climate and

Sao Paulo with excellent hotels like the Hilton which I have to show by sponsoring the McLaren

Sao Paulo has the best restaurants in the world of Formula 1 staff loves to come to eat meat of all kinds ..

Brazilian GP :Bridgestone preview

Bridgestone world's largest manufacturer of tires and official supplier of Formula 1 and I as a fan of Formula 1 am very proud of the second largest manufactures Bridgestone to be here in Sao Paulo being the first one in Tokyo

And Camaçari in Bahia


Bridgestone heads to Sao Paulo for the Brazilian Grand Prix on October 16-18, where the medium and super soft compound Potenzas will be put to use around the undulating anti-clockwise Interlagos circuit.
This is the penultimate race of the season and the final time that this allocation will be seen. The combination of medium and super soft has been seen previously this year in Australia, China, Bahrain and Germany.
Hirohide Hamashima - Bridgestone Director of Motorsport Tyre Development, said:
What are the challenges of Interlagos?
"This is a very challenging and exciting circuit. The first corner comes at the end of a long straight, and it goes downhill, meaning that finding the correct braking point is difficult. We expect to see some overtaking and brake locking here, and this could damage the tyres. The circuit surface often starts very dirty and we see a lot of improvement over the weekend. As we saw last year, the weather can also be a very big challenge."
What are the primary tyre performance considerations?
"Interlagos is a circuit where high grip is a priority. We have the stiffness gap in our allocation, so teams will have to work out the best set-ups for both tyres, and there should be many strategy considerations and possibilities. Traditionally we would see a lot of graining here, due to the initially dirty surface and the twisty infield section, however this will be less of a factor this season, due to slick tyres being more resistant to graining relative to the grooved tyres we used before."

Called Red Bull Brazil of "drug"

09/10/2009 - 18:59 Called Red Bull Brazil of "drug" and publishes Survival Guide for SP UOL Esporte In Sao Paulo Famous for putting texts on their website, Team Red Bull published on Friday a "survival guide" for the city of Sao Paulo, that next weekend get the Grand Prix of Brazil, the penultimate season of 2009 Formula 1.
Vettel already know which questions to answer not in Sao Paulo ABOUT THE CIRCUIT PAULISTA MORE NEWS FROM FORMULA 1

"Brazil is like a drug that F-1 does not get tired," says the text on your opening. "With great food, powerful drinks, intoxicating music (but not as intoxicating as the caipirinha) and beautiful people, and not like?", Follows. At follow-up, the team says that all have enjoyed the facilities found in the paddock at Interlagos, "but like all drugs, there are times that the best thing to say no." So really begins the "survival guide" for the city of Sao Paulo, placing a series of questions where the answer must always be "no." "This watch is original?", "Would like your eighth caipirinha?", "I have to stop at a red light?", "I would find a beautiful girl I know?", "It is really a girl?" "want more meat?", "I can park your car?", "is that my wife will believe that the thong in my bag is a gift for her?", among others. Now Vetel already know that these questions have to say "NO" .. Unfortunately it is true that the Mayor Gilberto Kassab ,José Serra Governor and President Lula did not care for the parents as they should and I think it's good when the Formula 1 comes and talks about the problems of the countries in the world.
Tank you and Congratulation Red Bull
by Lionel de Campos Jorge
Important restaurant in Sao Paulo " Vento Aragano "in partnership with Renault put on display the beautiful car that our dear Fernando Alonso was champion in 2005

Fernado Alonso always very kind and Ambassador of UNICEF was an event to play ball with children in need ... If Governato Brazil's President Lula, Governor Jose Serra, Mayor Gilberto Kassab PROPER USE only 5% of that collect NOT HAD ANY CHILDREN POOR IN BRAZIL ... WOULD ALL SCHOOLS, MEDICAL, FOOD from birth to the School as it is in Europe ... but governments here do not care for anything ...

Press Conference of the Shell / Ferrari

I would like to congratulate Shell in Brazil, which organized the press conference one of the most sophisticated places of Sao Paulo

I had several pleasures like sophisticated taste of everything that Shell has given us and a great pleasure was to find Journalists as Ludmila who lives in Rio de Janeiro
smile is more beautiful than this charm of Ludmila ! ! !
Pode sorriso mais lindo e charme de Ludmila ! ! !
And find Flavio Gomes in my opinion the greatest journalist Brazilian sports car and is always invited by Shell to conduct press conferences to be the best with great competence and good humor .
E encontrar Flavio Gomes na minha opinião o maior jornalista Brasileiro de esportes automobilismo e é sempre convidado pela Shell para conduzir as coletivas de Imprensa por ser o MELHOR com muita competencia e bom humor.

Gizela removing headphones that translate English to Portuguese