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Bernie will follow CEO of F1 bossing everything .. still good

09.07.2016 14:15 - Updated 09/07/2016 20h32
Bernie will follow CEO of F1 for at least 3 more years after sale
85 year old leader has revealed that it will continue as a "strong man" category after acquisition by Liberty Media. Chase Carey will replace Peter Brabeck as president
London, England
The acquisition of Formula 1 by the American Liberty Media Corporation conglomerate has generated speculation that the main category of motorsport will win a new face in the near future. But one thing will not change if the agreement is completed. Bernie Ecclestone, the current CEO of the Formula One Group, will continue as a "strong man" behind the scenes. After rumors that the 85 year old leader would command after the sale, Bernie revealed that continue in the same position, while Chase Carey will be the Chairman, responsible for the board of directors, replacing Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, which performs the function for three years .

- They said they want me here for another three years - Bernie told Reuters.
- It was decided that I will continue as CEO of F1. Follow doing everything I do, as negotiations with circuits with TVs, these things - said the leader to the English site "Autosport".
+ Sale can bring American philosophy to F1 and cause profound change
Bernie Ecclestone in the Formula 1 paddock in Singapore (Photo: EFE)
Bernie Ecclestone in the Formula 1 paddock in Singapore in 2015 (Photo: EFE)

This is not the first time that Bernie Ecclestone will keep the power in F1 after a sale transaction. Head of Brabham in the 1970s, the British gained influence in the category to become representative of the teams in talks with the International Automobile Federation (FIA) race tracks and on broadcasting rights. Since then, he always remained in a prominent position in F1 management, even past several transactions.
Despite following with power, Ecclestone said that in the hands of Chase Carey, current vice president of 21st Century Fox and former director of DirecTV, the F1 can try new paths in social networks, one of the biggest reasons for criticism of the category in the last years. The two work together in charge of the category.
- The good news is that we Chase the board of directors, and we expect it to be able to bring F1 to new territories in social media. As you know, I never found a way to make money with social networks - said.
Chase Carey will be the new president of Formula 1 (Photo: Getty Images)

Ecclestone praised the current president Peter Brabeck-Letmathe, but also showed hopes that Chase make Formula 1 finally catch on in the US, former leader of the dream:
- Peter was a perfect president. But he has no knowledge that Chase has in certain areas. The areas where Chase is famous for his knowledge are areas that I hope you can help us. Chase drove DirecTV in the US, and we are weak in the US. So I hope to have it in the table can help at this point - added Ecclestone.
Bernie Ecclestone with Peter Brabeck in Monaco (Photo: Reuters)

In my opinion it is very respect of Formula 1 Bernie .... Eclestone or comment on your age ... looks like a boy .. full of energy and intelligence to stay in F1 ..da command and all who understand a very distant day if God and Jesus help ..Bernie missing .. will be the end of F1 ... but for now thank God and Jesus bernie is still going strong in command and always making the best decisions for the F1 sign 

Journalist Lionel Campos Jorge

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