Saturday, 29 March 2008


After all the marvelous car Corolla
I admiring the data of that perfeita mechanical ! ! ! ! !

Buffet I complete for everyone guests VIP from approved Shogun em Santo André- São Paulo - Brazil
Here meu son She Marcus Vinicius........
Adimirando & rendering the youth. what knows what do you want.
I & the Robot qu she renders what is there besides modern into the world. & the beautiful geisha what she renders the tradition. the Japan & the Toyota. schooling what from about to cohabit perfectly the two. the tradition & the modern.
Here the mother Teresa Cristina. adimirando the new Corolla...... also the carriage perfect for woman mother moderate..... She adored...... he is willing than I do it comprises a about to Her.
Here a vision across the board from a from the thousand parties what aToyota fêz em all Brazil. was certainly largest envento already realized into the Brazil. Corolla the carriage mais sold into the world. .....he should place the Toyota cannot about to on Formula1. no proper profit. US JÄ WE PROFIT EM VÊR this carriage beautiful from Formula 1 with the colors of the Japan red & white. I have largest please em be invited & disclose about to the world all events from Toyota Congratulations on the all from Toyota.

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