Friday, 28 March 2008

She dies.......JEAN- MARIE BALESTRE 86

Polemic he used to be your name middle. Command the FISA Fédération Internationale du Sport Auto race ) of 1979 the 1991 & the FIA among 1986 & 1993. Engajou - if on she fights for safety on the tracks , ejecting inclusively the contraction of two vowels - tests , & banished the motors multitude from category. But she swims was tão marking , overall aos eyes of the Brazilians , regarding the fateful GP of the Japan of 1989
Balestre is had I eat responsible by start from the cars odd on the side untidy from track , when Senna he used to be the inch , & by disable of the Ayrton after the providential beat of the Prose on curva that if she'd become the chicanery mais improper from Formula 1.
The meeting with the cheering group Brazilian em Interlagos , in the following year , aggravated a series of name calling what they used to be inoffensive before of the air authoritarian of the French. Balestre he used to be a figure rude , fought out , of language sharpener , what she adored dissipate be able. Ago the type constant of whom if she diverts on being hated. Already walked up to rival with Bernie Ecclestone , giving much headache the inglês. He used to be strong. A good deal strong. But aos 86 years elderly , she lets the life after go in for history. Talk well , talk bad , I live or dead is his what they'll speak
(Texto do Felipe...BlogF-1...que escreve muito bem...)

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