Friday, 4 November 2016

Ron Dennis

I always admire Lionel Ron Dennis A lot of people do not like it but when you look at a picture like that up there, how not to admire and respect! Yesterday, exactly 50 years ago Ron Dennis attended a GP for the first time. It was in Mexico City on October 23, 1966. Cooper's mechanic, 19 years old, was called at the last minute because the team rented a car for a local driver, Moises Solana - would be the fifth team in the race. It was up to Ron to take care of the car.

 Solana, who has competed in eight races in his life - six in Mexico and two in the US - ended up abandoning his Maserati engine overheating. Another Cooper-Maserati, by John Surtees, won the race. 
Ron Dennis says he does not like this picture very much and that Airton senna kept playing with him saying he would show ...

I think the photo WONDER because we give great value to mechanics, who starts below and arrives where he arrived and put in a beautiful picture in his office but show and give an example to everyone of how much intelligence and work he has had since he started until he arrives at the Presidency.
The 19-year-old boy was hired. Years later, I would buy McLaren.
Today, Ron has 25% of the group that includes the F-1 team, and is its president. I consider the BEST TEAM CHIEF has tried several times to sell our project that makes the car walk faster 10% at the least and easy Installation, but we never managed but maybe one day ... would definitely make Alonso win ... we are at the disposal of McLaren whenever he comes to Brazil. Despite the Renault team being interested lately and Ferrari. email LELOF1@HOTMAIL.COM

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