Friday, 1 March 2013

George died at age 58 in 2001. Faria 70 today

I think all of us who have spent 50, at some point we were impregnated by their guitars gently weeping.

There will never be anything like the musical history of the planet. Never going to get another banda revolutionize both the customs, ideas, behavior and feelings of so many people in this big world .... Our ...

George loved engines and cars and was always at Interlagos in Brazil GP George always gave a pass at McLaren or in Jordan was a close friend of Emerson Fittipaldi.

Half of those really valuable that inhabited this world is gone, George and John. Were the inhabitants of the most exuberant decade richest in human history. Paul and Ringo left. Given what they did in less than ten years as a band, any other human achievement seems devoid of any meaning. Nothing can be more magnanimous than hear the verses of "Let it Be" or "Here Comes the Sun", or "Yesterday", "Something", "Love Me Do", "Eight Days a Week", all of them , every note, every chord, every word.

And this concert to honor George ... remember his genius a bit ... I advise you to click on the corner to watch in FULL SCREEN and increase the sound and enjoy the beats of Paul and Ringo ... incredible semelhança the son of George ...

Small and insignificant we are, curvemo us to George Harrison, who was too fast. Everything has gone too fast.   by Lionel de Campos Jorge Jornalist

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