Friday, 27 July 2012

Queen makes wonderful appearance with 007 in the opening ceremony

LONDON, Oct 27 (Reuters) - Queen Elizabeth of Britain, came to the opening ceremony of the Olympics in spectacular style on Friday and was greeted with enthusiasm by the audience when he appeared on stage to help officially open the Games London.

Minutes before the monarch of 86 years appeared in her first film role with actor Daniel Craig, James Bond interpreter, at Buckingham Palace, her London residence ....

After the two are seen entering a master helicopter flying over the capital. Beautifull ... with pictures ... and if diriginto Stadium for the opening ... Minutes later, a helicopter appears over the stadium and opens the door 007 of the helicopter and when everyone thinks he'll skip the Queen takes ... and jumps in front of him before and he will soon after opening .. the two british flag parachutes to the frantic sound of 007 ..... very beautiful that the whole audience rose to their feet to come ....

After the Queen came to the opening ceremony before the audience of 80,000 people.

The Queen of Great Britain is enjoying its greatest popularity in the wake of 20 years in celebration of its Diamond Jubilee this year, and the royal family should have a predominant role during the Games.

Zara Phillips, granddaughter of Queen and Amazon, are competing.

It is estimated that about one billion people worldwide will attend the opening ceremony that far exceeded all done today ..... tearing tears of everyone who watched .......


Congratulations to the british people for all the inventions that both benifiaram HUMANITY.

I like Brazilian fan and a number of English people in particular I thank the honor they did in the opening by placing beautiful Brazilian children in the Castle awaiting the arrival of 007 ...... and when reminded of all that already and I went ... I remembered the tears of my mother who taught me for over 50 years adimirar to the people and the English Queen ... Congratulations Congratulations. Congratulations Congratulations Congratulations to all .....

Lionel de Campos Jorge Journalist


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