Sunday, 18 September 2011

Kimi Raikkonen visiting facilities at Williams! ! !

Ridiculous to think Williams in exchange for Barrichello Kimi! ! !

1) Kimi is out of shape ... Barrichello is in great shape ..

2) Everyone knows that the wages of Kimi is very high ... and everyone knows that the wages of Barrichello as there is much less for the sake of art and pleasure ...

3) Kimi's mouth was loose .. well the car is not going to talk bad ... very bad car ... ... Barrichello and Williams rarely speaks bad though they knew that he had engine problems and it has many ... Barrichello and worked miracles with times ..

4) And finally if you took two identical cars Barrichello would be much faster than kimi

5) With Barrichello could contract under 6 months or up to half of the season ... and then another 6 months ...
Kimi would not accept small contracts of 6 months contract .. only accepts large and expensive .. so it's a bad deal for Barrichello Kimi exchange.
These are just a few reasons that Williams should run with Barrichello in 2012

by Lionel de Campos Jorge Journalist

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Ron Groo said...

E assim Rubens 1B Barrichello respira aliviado. Contra este, ele nada podia fazer.