Monday, 4 July 2011

Williams said on Monday (4) an agreement with Renault for the supply of engines. According to the statement of the British team, the contract begins to assert from the 2012 season. The initial arrangement between the two companies will be valid for 2013 and there is the possibility of extending to 2014, when the new F1 engine rules take effect. Currently, the team from Grove uses Cosworth engines.

The two companies will take up a partnership that was successful between 1989 and 1997, when he won five world titles between manufacturers and between four drivers. "We are pleased and excited about this new partnership," said Frank Williams, chief of staff.

LIVING UP TO THAT LAST SENTENCE THAT DID NOT .. IT IN 2009 ... I would have gone up SEVERAL TIMES TO THE PODIUM with Barrichello and won a lot of money but they were listening Mosley! ! ! Now yes ... the Williams and Barrichello will win
by Lionel de Campos Jorge Journalist

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