Thursday, 4 November 2010

I had the pleasure to meet live Hiroshi Yasukawa, the man who transformed the Bridgestone in what is now the largest manufacturer of tires in the world .. .. that was placed Hiroshi Yasukawa, Bridgestone in Formula 1 and did an excellent job all teams will miss the Bridgestone tires.
And I will lead a worldwide campaign that begins today 03/11/2010 the day of Collective here in Brazil, to return to the Bridgestone Formula 1 soon to end that ridiculous law that was made at the FIA at the time Max Mosley that the tire supplier must be only one for all teams .. .. it is absurd to divide Pirelli with 5 teams, 5 teams over Bridgestone, Michelin and 5 more teams to the Avon and would want to enter. ai would not be expensive or burdensome for anyone and everyone that reason they would participate in the F1 .. Our campaign is over soon so that this law FIA exclusive .. I think it ends in 2012 ...
But nothing prevents the FIA before end of 2012 that with the current world crisis is too much expensive, a single tire manufacturer to supply all teams .. wish my support for Bridgestone and Yasukawa Horoshi stay registered and I hope to come back as fast as possible to the slopes and the .. world continuing the excellent work he has done so far in disclosing the Bridgestone world.

by Lionel de Campos Jorge journalist

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