Saturday, 3 July 2010

Not yet secured their place in the pantheon of the great geniuses of history, but walking with firm steps in that direction and often stumbling
Flavio Gomes
Blood in the eyes, knife in teeth, hungry for victories. Every time Hamilton makes his come affixed to the surface that accompany some time ago. And of course there are always those who think everything is the opposite: opportunistic, unfair, unethical.
Hamilton has been involved in many controversies since he came to F1 in 2007. Fortunately that crap generalized to mention all the time which is the first black in the category and all that was in the past. Lewis has been involved in controversy because it is pure pilot.
Has defects. Not yet secured their place in the pantheon of the great geniuses of history, but walking with firm steps in that direction and, often stumbling and having to get up every obstacle they face. And there have been few.
In his first season in the category, picked up right away Fernando Alonso as a teammate. Fitted an impressive sequence of podiums and suddenly was in the race. Do not be intimidated by the curriculum of Spanish. Peitou, moved his chopsticks, not champion, but marked territory on a permanent and very fast.
And who does not want to face more was Alonso.
In 2008, Hamilton won a very difficult world, desperately fighting until the last turn of the last lap of last year's race.
A lion, as was Massa that year. A league of many errors, ringtones, beatings, risky overtaking, the path being forced open. The most exciting of all time.
Last year, Lewis was caught by surprise by Brawn, but was one of the pilots struggling most of the season. Even with a bad car, never surrendered to the situation of McLaren's technical inferiority. Did your bullshit, lies in Australia, for example, silly as it did this year, the same Australia, to give a pouch with a street car to show off.
A lot. It is worth remembering that could be irritadinho, peas, because having someone like him the team was behind the world champion, Jenson Button, as if to remind you that you must always be alert. But Hamilton did not hit and is enjoying the serenity and intelligence Button, a kind of antithesis of himself to improve, improve, grow as a pilot.
Combining this, go there, hungry for victories for the accuracy and team spirit of Jenson, Hamilton will gradually turning into a more comprehensive pilot of an F-modern. It's fast, daring, fearless, talented and committed to the team, do not ever give up on an overdrive, has personality and respect their opponents.
It is this connection, moreover, that causes always fight to defeat them. Lewis knows he is among good....and champion 2010

by Lionel de Campos Jorge

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