Thursday, 3 April 2008


CONGRATULATIONS ,,,,,,CONGRATULATIONS.,,,,,,,,CONGRATULATIONS,,,,,,,,THE PRINCELY SALMAN BIN HAMAD the BMW & MERCEDES & the TOYOTA what they did a communicated contra the rave & it categorizes them I eat disreputable the way of the president FIA. I let of placing the title of the President from FIA. AS I FIND WHAT NEM DESERVES SPEAK YOUR NAME MORE....... & I was the first on the say " he had been " I COME SPEAKING THAT AFTER From last year. Another one VÊZ I ENCHERGAVA That. & FICAVA WITH RAGE WHAT NOBODY ENCHERGAVA. ONLY COMMITTING ERRORS CRAZIES HARMING THE MCLARENMERCEDES & I SAY MAIS.......NOW The world GOES SEE TESTIMONIES ABSURDITIES OF THIS Man. CRAZY I EAT HE TOBE CONTRA THE BMW & MERCEDES..... Since SKIRT Definitively.

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