Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Only one Honors of all fãs from Formulate 1 about to aquêle what he used to be largest ADMIRER FROM FORMULA 1.......GEORGE HARRISON

About to invade the daybreak , with the blessings of Principal Mahar.

Abra what if leave it alone envelop by music of George Harrison , short I sell the son his Eric Clapton , Paul, Ringo & a world of artists interpreting este marvelous INGLÊS. While all if round , or best , if revolt with the War of the Vietnã George did she sweats trip spiritual & she showed from one side to the other she sweats music what God Krishna , Buddah Alá , after all , the gods of the world , always they nailed the same philosophy : love the next.

That's a good one one of the reasons because Ron Dennis cannot stop.

Este show was a homage the George Harrison two years after the she sweats death.

Into the guitar Eric Clapton ; into the another , the son of George Dhani ( is the face from the parent ); into the piano , Paul McCartney ; on first she'd slam , Ringo Starr ; on second Phill Collins ; on guitar , Tom Petty ; into the keyboard & vocal Billy Preston..
Homenagem de todos fãs da Formula 1 para aquele que foi o MAIOR FÃ DA FORMULA 1 ...George Harrison...êsse concerto foi realizado em sua homenagem Paul McCartney no piano Ringo,Phill Collons,Tom Petty,Billy Preston e o filho de George Rarrison ...George Dhani que é a cara do pai....vejam e matem a saudades.....

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