Saturday, 22 March 2008


HAMILTON. PROPER IF Protect..........
The staff she finds what He tem a mirror enormous into the rearview mirror? and that obligation of knowing of all what become of on Track? & again fight to do the inch???
In my opinion the fault isn't from the pilots & yes from FIA. or she invents another mode of marking time. I eat he used to be ago a pilot at a time vêz. because always a goes confuse the another. unintentionally
Just as well what Ron Dennis it is over there. to attempt service a little those errors from FIA & try mark some dots.
Look out only the face of the Hamilton. if are thinking what they go defeat - he agindo such. estão a good deal betrayed......
Very best strategy is try no commit errors. the boxing we'll work well. & MARK A Dots. & founder adding the addition from the dots. without if risk to earn first place. the one to enteressa in that race são dots. in as much as the FIA she mistook another one vêz.

Good luck. GOD It stands to reason. We know that doesn't was on purpose confuse. & God she helps the honest always.

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